Red, White, & Blue Sports Bra/Skirt Set
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Red, White, & Blue Sports Bra/Skirt Set

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Making up some sets for red, white, and blue themed practice!
Halle loves the skirt from Dicks. It has the shorts underneath. If you only get skirt, it’s $25. If you want name on waistband, it’s $30. The bra is $40. The sizes are Youth XXS-XL. Size small is out of stock:( So the set will run either $65 or $70.
I can get adult sizing in the bra if needed. Add $4.
Size chart: Youth XXS (4/5) XS (6/7) S (8/9) M (10/12) L (14) XL (16)
The other bra (Tatum) is only the name in the middle, no stars on band. I can only get small 7/8 and medium 10 in this brand. These bras are $20.
Shipping is $5 for one piece, $7.50 for a set! I hope you love these as much as I do!