Merry Christmas Fundraiser glitter tumbler
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Merry Christmas Fundraiser glitter tumbler

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A sweet friend of mine finally got the diagnosis for her baby but it wasn’t at all what she hoped. She started fostering sweet little kitties after she found Pip. Merry is Pips sister and she promised to always help the babies after Pip passed. She has fostered and adopted many kitties out around here and even in other areas. Now her girl needs help. I know a lot of people who see this know Elizabeth personally and would do anything they could to help.

“Merry was finally diagnosed. After 5 weeks of respiratory issues, multiple blood tests, a thousand tears, and almost $4,000, my girl was diagnosed with histoplasmosis by the internal medicine specialist in Memphis.

The next 7-10 days will be critical for my girl. While I’m finally in a better place because we finally have a diagnosis, a fungal infection wasn’t something I was hoping she had.”

I designed this tumbler for her. They are 20 oz cups and they are $35.

$10 from each cup sold will go directly to Elizabeth for Merry’s care. They will be on white glitter tumblers. This is just a mock up so where the white heart is, it will actually be the white glitter on the cup.

Let’s help Merry have the best Merry Christmas that she deserves 🥹
***All tumblers are to be hand washed ONLY
***DO NOT put them in the dishwasher
***DO NOT microwave them
***DO NOT drop them! Treat them like glass!
Last but not least, these items are handmade with lots of love thrown into them! There may be minor flaws. No two cups will ever be exactly the same. Thank you so much for choosing me to make your custom glitter tumbler! Talk to me about fundraiser ideas, group orders, shipping, etc! I'd be happy to help!