I Was Feeling Festive Tumbler
I Was Feeling Festive Tumbler
The Dazzling Dalmatian

I Was Feeling Festive Tumbler

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The tumblers are made with the highest quality glitters available and is enclosed in a smooth as glass, FDA Compliant sealant. Which means you have to treat it as so! If you drop it, it will crack! Your tumbler purchase includes a decal but you can leave it blank and show off the sparkle if you'd like!
All decals are sealed in as well to ensure that they don't peel or fade.Each tumbler will come with a lid.
***All tumblers are to be hand washed ONLY
***DO NOT put them in the dishwasher
***DO NOT microwave them
***DO NOT drop them! Treat them like glass!
Last but not least, these items are handmade with lots of love thrown into them! There may be minor flaws. No two cups will ever be exactly the same. Thank you so much for choosing me to make your custom glitter tumbler! Talk to me about fundraiser ideas, group orders, shipping, etc! I'd be happy to help!